Jewel’s by Jade

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Jewels by Jade

Jewel’s by Jade | No kids Allowed

Courtney in Atlanta, Georgia wrote in: I have a huge family with lots of kids, but I don’t want children at the wedding. Am I being mean?   It’s your wedding and you get to make the decisions about who’s attending the celebration. That means if you don’t want to...

Jewels by Jade | RSVP’s

Elizabeth in Martinez, California wrote in:   What is the deadline for RSVP’s? The rule of thumb is typically 3 weeks which gives you enough time to follow up with those last-minute guests that are dilly dallying around. However, I always suggest that my brides...

Jewels by Jade | Wedding Insurance

CJ in Navarre Beach, Florida wrote in: Is wedding insurance a good idea? This is definitely a sad example and probably worst-case scenario, but definitely speaks to what CAN happen and how wedding insurance can save you a whole lot of money and unnecessary headaches....

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