Creative Coordinator. Social Media Maverick. Woman of Letters.

As a military brat, the simple question “Where are you from?”, was never so simple. I was born a first generation Canadian citizen as my family immigrated from the U.S. Virgin Island, St. Lucia, to Ottawa, Ontario. However, I have lived in New York, Hawaii, Texas, and Washington State. I currently live in Northern Georgia and attend Austin Peay State University working towards a Business Marketing degree, as well as a Political Science minor. My personal design aesthetic includes rustic, country charm that is full of character. My favorite pastimes include, cooking, reading, exploring Pinterest for inspiration, photography, and Netflix binge dates with my Yorkshire Terrier, Bella.

What I Bring. 

Creating written and visual content and utilizing social media outlets to maximize relationships between businesses and organizations with clients is my forté. My travels have inspired all my creative works, and a bit of every place I have visited can be seen throughout my portfolio. A deep understanding of design elements and social media optimization are concepts that go hand in hand when building a successful social platform. With an eye for design and natural love for writing, my work literally speaks for itself.

WHAT MAKES ME LAUGH: My family, I am always guaranteed a lot of laughs when I am home.
3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE MY STYLE: Comfort, Natural, Rustic 

I FIND INSPIRATION IN: Life itself, I am constantly making mental notes of ideas that are inspired by daily experiences.

FAVORITE DRINK: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WITH MANGO! However, my grandmother makes a wonderful passion fruit juice.

ON MY BUCKET LIST: Adopt as many dogs as I possibly can.

SOMETHING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW: Have a slight case of  Sidonglobophobia, I absolutely hate touching cotton balls.

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