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Elizabeth in Martinez, California wrote in:


What is the deadline for RSVP’s?

The rule of thumb is typically 3 weeks which gives you enough time to follow up with those last-minute guests that are dilly dallying around. However, I always suggest that my brides request theirs be returned 4 weeks in advance. Since the final head count is typically due 2 weeks prior to the wedding, you can use those extra weeks to have your planner follow up with guests who still haven’t dropped their RSVP’s in the mail.

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Jade Ladson

Jewels by Jade | Wedding Insurance

CJ in Navarre Beach, Florida wrote in:

Is wedding insurance a good idea?

This is definitely a sad example and probably worst-case scenario, but definitely speaks to what CAN happen and how wedding insurance can save you a whole lot of money and unnecessary headaches. Most households here in the South are just recovering from Hurricane Irma. We lost power, the kids were out of school, and many of us had to evacuate. However, can you imagine how the brides that had beautiful beach weddings scheduled for last week must have felt?
While I would like to think that the owners of the affected venues felt horrible and are bending over backwards to accommodate these brides. The truth of the matter is they may not be able to accommodate everyone and they are limited on what they are able to do. In instances like this there is a part in the contract for ACTS OF GOD that simply states; “We can not be held liable and are not obligated to refund your money if Hurricane Irma decides to pitch a fit and cause the entire city to shut down.” However, with the appropriate policy you may be reimbursed for non-recoverable expenses.
Speak to your wedding planner or insurance agent to see what is the best policy for you and when you need to purchase.
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Jade Ladson

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