Weddings of the World: China

Weddings of the World: China

We are all aware of the custom American wedding traditions – tossing the bouquet, something borrowed and something blue, exchanging of the rings and lighting a unity candle. But how many of you are aware of all the other amazing cultures and traditions that are happening around the world? That’s what this monthly blog is for – join us every month to dig into the spectacular wedding traditions of countries all around the world!

If you checked out our Insta last week you would have seen a clue for where were traveling to this month & if you guessed China, you are CORRECT!

During ancient times, many practices and rituals were performed as a part of the Chinese Wedding Tradition. Take a look at four important wedding traditions in the Chinese Community. Of course since it’s your day and you set the rules; you may opt to not perform all of these, but it’s good to understand their importance, and the significance these bring to your marriage.

Tea Time

  • The tea ceremony is deemed one of the most important and most significant rituals. It originated in the seventh century and is considered an integral part of a Chinese wedding. It symbolizes honor and respect for the family. On the morning of their wedding day, Chinese couples bring their loved ones together in their respective homes for the tea ceremony.  It’s called jing cha in Chinese, literally meaning, ‘to respectfully offer tea’. It include’s a very formal introduction of the bride and groom, and shows a high level of respect to their families.

Hair Combing Ceremony

  • The bride showers in water infused with pomelo leaves and then puts on a new pair of pajamas and slippers. A “woman of good fortune” (a woman with living parents, spouse, and children will come to the house to dress the bride’s hair) then brushes the bride’s hair. The “woman of good fortune” brushes the bride’s hair four times while reciting:

“May your marriage last a lifetime
May you be blessed with a happy and harmonious marriage until old age
May you be blessed with an abundance of children and grandchildren
May you be blessed with longevity”

Door Games

  • Before the groom can claim his bride, he usually has to undergo a series of tests in the form of fun games, also called “door games”.  These games are normally set up by the bridesmaids and imply that the bride is a “prize” that must be won.  When the groom (along with the help of his trusted groomsmen) surpasses all the tests , the bride will finally exit the bridal suite.

Bride’s Home Visit

  • Three days after the wedding, the couple visits the home of the bride’s parents. During this meeting the bride is no longer considered a family member and she is received as a guest in her parent’s home. During this reunion gifts are exchanged and the couple is sent home with a sugar cane branch (The sugar cane represents sweet and harmonious life) and a live rooster and hen placed in a cage. Once the couple gets back home from their visit, they proceed to their bedroom and release the chickens. Legend has it that if the rooster comes out first, the first born will be a boy; if it is the hen, then their first born will be a girl.


Stay tuned once a month for our Weddings of the World blog. Where we will take a deeper look into the cultures and wedding traditions of countries around the world!


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