Most of you already know how I feel about watching TV, so it should come as no surprise that since I FINALLY had the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy a Saturday off… I chose to skip The Royal Wedding.  After all, I know that I can always count on my Facebook Family to keep me up to date with anything I might miss on the television networks.

Once I got my day started, I logged in to Facebook and swooned over a few of the intricate details of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Big Day. However, I found myself quickly becoming annoyed when I noticed that a lot of people were turning this into a Black vs. White situation instead of what it truly was…. A ceremony that honors two people who love each other and wish to be united in marriage.

I saw people arguing over some of the most minimal things such as

  • Was she the first biracial member of the Royal Family
  • Why her father wasn’t in attendance
  • Whether or not her mother was employed
  • Whether her dress was “Fancy” enough

So after a heated debate with my own husband and a fun-filled “Tea Session” with my favorite wedding stationer, Teras Smith  (who also happens to be a good friend). I just had to let everybody what I thought and how I felt.

So here’s a quick recap through the lens of a wedding planner who is truly in love with love in just five hashtags….



 I saw a beautiful young lady that was so confident in her natural beauty that she didn’t need/want a dress full of lace, appliques, and tulle.


I saw a “Mother” truly delighted in her child’s happiness and standing by her child.


I saw a real life Prince gaze lovingly into his future bride’s eyes.


I saw a teenage cellist follow his dreams.


I saw a wedding gown that was designed by the first female artistic director at Givenchy.

I could go on and on about everything I loved about this wedding, but I won’t. I’ll just end by saying that no matter what your race, citizenship, or personal beliefs are… Today was a beautiful, historic, and meaningful moment between a couple in love and I for one and truly happy for them. Today was a good day {Ice Cube Voice}


We are all aware of the custom American wedding traditions – tossing the bouquet, something borrowed and something blue, exchanging of the rings and lighting a unity candle. But how many of you are aware of all the other amazing cultures and traditions that are happening around the world? That’s what this monthly blog is for – join us every month to dig into the spectacular wedding traditions of countries all around the world!

Stay tuned once a month for our Weddings of the World blog. Where we will take a deeper look into the cultures and wedding traditions of countries around the world!

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