Brilliant and Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

Brilliant and Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you looking for creative last-hurrahs to celebrate a bride-to-be?  When you’re planning an amazing final fling, it can be tempting to get carried away with your spending.  Read on for bachelorette party ideas that are not only brilliant, they’re budget-friendly.

Getaway as a group

Little could be more fun than gathering your closest friends to spend a couple days away celebrating together.  But how do you organize a destination bachelorette event without overspending?  With that in mind, consider sorting through what’s available on Groupon.  There is fodder for all sorts of entertaining fun, from trips to Cirque du Soleil, to music concerts, to comedy clubs, to the classic bachelorette selection – male strippers!  If you find a good fit, amp up your savings by using Groupon coupon or promo codes.

Pamper yourselves

Since everyone is prepping for the big day, a day spent pampering yourselves can help you all look your best and go into the big event feeling relaxed and confident – and besides, it’s great fun!

Consider starting out with a trip to the spa so a professional massage can soothe away tension and stress.  Add to that an at-home facial, and faces will be glowing and healthy for the upcoming event.  Pronounce Skincare points out you can even DIY skincare products using natural ingredients, which is not only kind to your body, it’s kind to your wallet.  Sip some wine and nibble cheese while you work, but don’t get too carried away until after you do manicures and pedicures to round out your party – and review these tips to ensure your results are top-notch!

For nail care goodies, consider buying everything you need from Ella + Mila.  They offer selections which are not only high quality, they are eco-friendly and nontoxic, so you can feel great about looking gorgeous.  And on top of all that, if you join their rewards program, you can earn points on purchases and receive special offers for their products, making it that much easier to stretch your budget.

Sip and savor

Events centered around crafting something fun while doing wine tastings are all the rage.  You can find everything from personally-tailored candles, to pottery throwing, to painting canvases.  In the end, you not only have fun with your gal pals, you have a unique item to take home with you.  Another idea is to hit an area winery so you can savor the time focusing on your friends.  Many wineries offer tours, events, and other experiences, so explore your options!

So that everyone can let their hair down, consider hiring a chauffeured limousine to travel in style.  Nationwide offers a broad selection of limos and packages, and you can check out their current specials and promotions to ensure you make the most of your money.

Is it tea time?

Does the bride-to-be favor classic elegance?  If so, little can compare with an afternoon tea party.  Outfit the party space with fine china and silver, and to fully embrace tea party tradition, The Spruce suggests a menu of both sweet and savory foods and brewing a proper pot of tea.  You can even add some fun and mystery to the event by reading tea leaves for each other!

The last thing you want is to use inferior tea for your special tea party.  When gathering tea and other supplies, consider shopping with Camellia Sinensis, where you can not only find top-notch tea and related products, they offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. 

Before the bride’s big day, take time to celebrate everything that was and everything that will be.  Think through your perfect party, whether it’s a getaway, spa day, or sipping a favorite beverage.  With a little bit of planning, everyone can have a wonderful time without overspending!


Jewels by Jade | My site already has a planner

Doris in Albany, Georgia wrote in:

My wedding venue has an onsite coordinator, why do we need to hire you?

The quickest and easiest way for me to explain this is that the “Onsite Coordinator’s main interest is the venue and “ME” as the Wedding Coordinator, my main interest is the couple.

ONSITE COORDINATOR: They handle all of the venue tours and make sure that the onsite team has all of the necessary details to execute your vision..  They ensure all vendors all adhering to the guidelines of the venue and often leave after the reception starts.

WEDDING COORDINATOR:  I’m on board from “Yes to the Honeymoon”. I get to know you and your fiance personally. I’ll be there with you at meetings, tastings, and fittings. I’m the point of contact for friends and family that are attending the wedding and my team and I will make sure everyone is welcome and comfortable.  I’ll also be onsite before the vendors arrive and I’m there until the last vendor leaves.

Xoxoxoxoxo Happy Planning,

Jade Ladson

Jewel’s by Jade | No kids Allowed

Courtney in Atlanta, Georgia wrote in:

I have a huge family with lots of kids, but I don’t want children at the wedding. Am I being mean?


It’s your wedding and you get to make the decisions about who’s attending the celebration. That means if you don’t want to risk having a kid stick their tiny little fingers in the cake before the photographer gets a picture; it’s your call. However, it would definitely make things easier if you had a reputable child care provider available during the festivities.  It gives parents the security of knowing that they can let their hair down and have fun without their kids hanging on them. Yet, they aren’t too far away if mommy and daddy just want to pop in for a quick check in.

Xoxoxoxoxo Happy Planning,

Jade Ladson

Jewels by Jade | RSVP’s

Elizabeth in Martinez, California wrote in:


What is the deadline for RSVP’s?

The rule of thumb is typically 3 weeks which gives you enough time to follow up with those last-minute guests that are dilly dallying around. However, I always suggest that my brides request theirs be returned 4 weeks in advance. Since the final head count is typically due 2 weeks prior to the wedding, you can use those extra weeks to have your planner follow up with guests who still haven’t dropped their RSVP’s in the mail.

Xoxoxoxoxo Happy Planning,


Jade Ladson

Jewels by Jade | Wedding Insurance

CJ in Navarre Beach, Florida wrote in:

Is wedding insurance a good idea?

This is definitely a sad example and probably worst-case scenario, but definitely speaks to what CAN happen and how wedding insurance can save you a whole lot of money and unnecessary headaches. Most households here in the South are just recovering from Hurricane Irma. We lost power, the kids were out of school, and many of us had to evacuate. However, can you imagine how the brides that had beautiful beach weddings scheduled for last week must have felt?
While I would like to think that the owners of the affected venues felt horrible and are bending over backwards to accommodate these brides. The truth of the matter is they may not be able to accommodate everyone and they are limited on what they are able to do. In instances like this there is a part in the contract for ACTS OF GOD that simply states; “We can not be held liable and are not obligated to refund your money if Hurricane Irma decides to pitch a fit and cause the entire city to shut down.” However, with the appropriate policy you may be reimbursed for non-recoverable expenses.
Speak to your wedding planner or insurance agent to see what is the best policy for you and when you need to purchase.
Xoxoxoxoxo Happy Planning,

Jade Ladson

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