A Late Summer Night’s Dream: Luxury Wedding Invitations

A Late Summer Night’s Dream: Luxury Wedding Invitations

I’ve just been DYING to share this wedding stationary suite with you guys ever since I received it in the mail…and now that I’ve gotten the professional images, I finally can! Thanks so much Maegan Hall for capturing all the beauty of this ensemble.  Night after night I sat down with my BFF (Yakira Maynard, Top Luxury Realtor at Palmerhouse Properties) and looked for ways to create the perfect invitation suite for her wedding.  We looked at different fabrics, fonts, foils, and boxes.

Who would have thought THIS would be the result of countless late night conversations over Lemon Drops with my BFF??


This invitation suite is made up of a cumulation of her favorite design elements from various past invitations. Essentially, she decided to create a stationary suite that embodied all the things she loved about each of her favorite invites…all within 3 perfectly planned invitations for 3 carefully curated guest lists. And all for the same event! Here’s the three types of invitations she created:

  • Luxurious boxed invitations (for our closest friends and family)
  • A Gate Folio (for the remainder of our guest list)
  • A passport Invitation for those who wanted to join the group honeymoon

Every invitation within the suite was custom designed and crafted using Black Plike “velvet touch” paper and adorned with our wedding monogram and tag line “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale” foiled in gold.


Inside of the box, also made of Plike, one would find three separate levels, one atop the other, that housed a 12 ply invite on the first level, an enclosure envelope with all “The Details” on the second, and the honeymoon passport on the third. Upon opening the box, guests are greeted with the stature of our families new last name… “PRISE.” On the other side is an endearing photo of the bride and groom, with golden script strategically placed to formally request the honor of the guest’s presence. The invitation is made complete by adding gold trimming along the sides.  A step below inside the “The Details,” one would find enclosure cards outlining the invited guests, the schedule of events, the requested attire, travel accommodations and child care to as well as as response card…. Just to name a few. Alas, inside of the passport were 4 pages detailing the impending rendezvous with the Mexican sun, and an invitation to partake in all of the “Adult – Only” fun…


Inside the folio, one would find the exact same extensions of love just on a tad of an understated scale: the photo invitation mounted to the center of the folio, atop gold trim, with custom scalloped pockets on each side housing all “The Details” and the passport.


And last but not least, The “Passport To Paradise” sealed with The United States Crest a’la Y&J style simply sealed inside of a calligraphy lined plike envelopes.




DISCLAIMER: I’m not the coordinator for this wedding, I’m simply sharing because I love all things gorgeous. I hope you enjoyed swooning over this gorgeous stationary suite as much as I did. 

DSC_0967 DSC_0965

Design Team:

Paper Parfait

Captivating Calligraphy by L.A.

Tickled Ink Paperie

Mecca Gamble Photography



Holiday Proposal Ideas

Holiday Proposal Ideas

I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone’s engaged, I’ve GOT to know the story behind the proposal! Sometimes the story is simple: the couple was just watching TV together and realized that they’d be perfectly happy doing simple things like that with one another for their rest of their lives. Sometimes the story is more elaborate: a couple who met on an airplane ride get engaged in a private helicopter on their anniversary (yes, that actually happened and it wasn’t a movie).

But personally? Some of my favorite proposals are during the big engagement boom of the holidays!

If you have social media, you know that around Christmas time and New Years, everybody and their brother is updating their relationship statuses to “engaged”! So in honor of the holidays coming up, here’s a few of my personal favorite Holiday Proposal Ideas!!

1. Ice Skating Rink Proposal

One of the cutest holidays proposals I’ve seen was when a friend of mine got engaged on the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center! Now, not everyone’s got a vacay budget to allow them to travel to NYC to do something like this, so any public ice skating rink is perfectly fine. This is a great idea for someone who wants to make their engagement a huge spectacle! Hundreds of people cheering, video footage of the proposal will be a non-issue…plus, it literally will feel like a movie come to life!

2. Miracle on 34th Street Proposal

While I was coming up with ideas for this blog, I was trying to think of a unique way of getting engaged during the holidays that I personally would totally say yes to. And this was my idea! Okay, so here it is…remember the scene from Miracle on 34th Street where Santa arranges Mrs. Walker and Bryan Bedford to meet each other after Christmas Mass at church? And turns out they’re getting married the night before Christmas? Well, imagine this spin on that: You invite your significant other to Christmas Mass, but tell them they need to get there early. So they walk through the door, and see you standing at the end of the altar holding a ring and as he/she starts to walk forward toward you, music starts playing and you get down on one knee and propose!!!!! And then once they say yes, the choir starts singing Christmas songs!

3. Present Under the Christmas Tree

This proposal is much simpler compared to the previous proposals, but still just as romantic. It’s actually sort of like an “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” holiday commercial. Imagine this: your whole family is sitting around opening Christmas gifts, having a great time, and really enjoying Christmas morning. And then your significant other gets to the last present box. Now, it can’t be a tiny ring sized box because then it would be totally obvious what they’re opening. So do a “box within a box” situation! He/she opens up the present to find…an engagement ring! Literally the best Christmas present ever!

4. Tree Lighting Ceremony Proposal

Most cities have a big Tree Lighting Ceremony of some sort. So why not make this the platform for your perfect Holiday Proposal? As soon as the Christmas lights go on, you know what to do! Get down on one knee and propose to your special someone!

5. New Years Proposal

And then, there’s the classic New Years Proposal. So many people do it, but it’s because it never gets old! Don’t just give your special someone a New Years Kiss at the stroke of midnight…give them something they’ll never forget for all New Years to come! An engagement ring!

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