Weddings Of The World: New Zealand

Weddings Of The World: New Zealand

We are all aware of the custom American wedding traditions – tossing the bouquet, something borrowed and something blue, exchanging of the rings and lighting a unity candle. But how many of you are aware of all the other amazing cultures and traditions that are happening around the world? That’s what this monthly blog is for – join us every month to dig into the spectacular wedding traditions of countries all around the world!

If you checked out our Insta last week you would have seen a clue for where were traveling to this month & if you guessed New Zealand, you are CORRECT!

Of course we’ve all seen the video of the New Zealand couple’s wedding by now.  It’s gone viral and made a few of us even tear up. If you’ve missed the video, don’t worry we’ve got a sample for ya right here.  Now that we’ve got you guys all emotional, let’s dive a little deeper into the tradition behind a New Zealand Wedding and Maori customs.

Unique Traditions

♥   The welcoming tradition shown in the video above is known as the Haka, a type of ancient Māori war dance as well as a fierce display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity. The words of a haka often poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe’s history. Actions include participants violent stomping their feet, sticking out their tongues and a rhythmic chest pounding accompanying a loud chant.

♥   Couples can choose to exchange rings or the “infinity loops” which are placed around the necks of the bride and the groom. Infinity loops are carved using bone and greenstone and represent the enduring cycle of the couple’s love and signifies eternity.

♥    Maori wedding tradition includes the ceremonial Powhiri welcome to the bride and the groom, and may include the traditional warrior challenge.

♥   New Zealand brides have their own version of a bridal shower, more commonly referred to as the Kitchen Tea, where the friends and family of the bride supply her with items needed to fully stock her new kitchen.

Stay tuned once a month for our Weddings of the World blog. Where we will take a deeper look into the cultures and wedding traditions of countries around the world!

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Simple Guide to Ordering Champagne

Simple Guide to Ordering Champagne

Who doesn’t like to celebrate with a nice glass of bubbly?

(Champagne is one of the most requested beverages from J. Ladson Weddings clients and one of my personal favorites)

Last week, Hubby and I were out shopping for the perfect bottle to share with our friends and family. As we stood in the middle of the store among aisle after aisle of many different types of champagne, neither of us knew exactly which brand was best.  Of course I suggested that we just buy a bottle of each and go home to sample them all.  However, Hubby was a little more realistic with his selection process.

(Should you order Brut Champagne or other sparkling options?) Here’s the amazing article he found that helped us choose the perfect champagne, Simple Guide to Champagne.


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