Weddings of the World – South Sudan

Weddings of the World – South Sudan


Being a South Sudanese bride is an extravagant and joyous experience filled with overwhelming celebration, community, tradition, love and exclusive treatments. It is not a simple one-day event, but a continuous year of celebration. 

So before he can put a ring on it, your hubby-to-be and his male relatives must go to the bride’s home to ask for permission to marry. Both families conduct a “background check” to evaluate the family and tribal history. Once approved, the male elders of both families set up meetings to negotiate on the bride price. Bride price must be paid for the bride, by the groom, typically with the help of his whole extended family. Many factors are taken into account when deciding on the amount, such as level of education, family status, physical qualities, and others. Back in Africa, these payments may be made through assets such as cows, goats, gold, and more, but in the US, it would be translated to $$$. 

On the date the groom is ready to pay the specified amount, a big “engagement party” is hosted. It is usually at a venue with lots of food, dancing, gifts exchanged, and traditional attire. This is also when the groom is supposed to officially give the bride her engagement ring. 

A South Sudanese bride is pampered like royalty during her entire wedding experiences by the women of the community. The home is a continuous festive place for the bride with lots of dancing, gifts, advice and joy surrounding her. Special indulging such as homemade sugar body waxes, scrub and bath treatments, and other lavish regimens start weeks in advance to prepare the bride to be glowing and gorgeous her big day.

A few days before the wedding, the bride-to-be spends hours receiving beautiful intricate henna designs from her fingers to forearms and toes to ankles. Some brides in South Sudan have a henna party the night before the wedding, which is a tradition adopted from northern Sudan from when they were one country. It is an all women’s event filled with dancing, singing, and eating. 

For the main wedding, the couple has a traditional church wedding. The reception is typically buffet style and filled with many toasts. The bride and groom’s tribal groups and families perform traditional dances as they bring out gifts. During the cake cutting, the bride and groom each walk to their new in-laws, get on their knees, and serve them cake as a sign of respect and unity. The rest of the reception is a dance celebration with all music styles, lasting all night. On the next day, most families usually host a BBQ or some kind of going away event for guests. 

Community is such a crucial element in South Sudanese culture, and weddings are a prime time when you see the whole community abundantly celebrating and embracing the newly weds as if it was their own child, ensuring it is a memorable and enjoyable journey. It is definitely an experience worth joining if you ever have an opportunity to experience a South Sudanese wedding!



Brilliant and Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

Brilliant and Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you looking for creative last-hurrahs to celebrate a bride-to-be?  When you’re planning an amazing final fling, it can be tempting to get carried away with your spending.  Read on for bachelorette party ideas that are not only brilliant, they’re budget-friendly.

Getaway as a group

Little could be more fun than gathering your closest friends to spend a couple days away celebrating together.  But how do you organize a destination bachelorette event without overspending?  With that in mind, consider sorting through what’s available on Groupon.  There is fodder for all sorts of entertaining fun, from trips to Cirque du Soleil, to music concerts, to comedy clubs, to the classic bachelorette selection – male strippers!  If you find a good fit, amp up your savings by using Groupon coupon or promo codes.

Pamper yourselves

Since everyone is prepping for the big day, a day spent pampering yourselves can help you all look your best and go into the big event feeling relaxed and confident – and besides, it’s great fun!

Consider starting out with a trip to the spa so a professional massage can soothe away tension and stress.  Add to that an at-home facial, and faces will be glowing and healthy for the upcoming event.  Pronounce Skincare points out you can even DIY skincare products using natural ingredients, which is not only kind to your body, it’s kind to your wallet.  Sip some wine and nibble cheese while you work, but don’t get too carried away until after you do manicures and pedicures to round out your party – and review these tips to ensure your results are top-notch!

For nail care goodies, consider buying everything you need from Ella + Mila.  They offer selections which are not only high quality, they are eco-friendly and nontoxic, so you can feel great about looking gorgeous.  And on top of all that, if you join their rewards program, you can earn points on purchases and receive special offers for their products, making it that much easier to stretch your budget.

Sip and savor

Events centered around crafting something fun while doing wine tastings are all the rage.  You can find everything from personally-tailored candles, to pottery throwing, to painting canvases.  In the end, you not only have fun with your gal pals, you have a unique item to take home with you.  Another idea is to hit an area winery so you can savor the time focusing on your friends.  Many wineries offer tours, events, and other experiences, so explore your options!

So that everyone can let their hair down, consider hiring a chauffeured limousine to travel in style.  Nationwide offers a broad selection of limos and packages, and you can check out their current specials and promotions to ensure you make the most of your money.

Is it tea time?

Does the bride-to-be favor classic elegance?  If so, little can compare with an afternoon tea party.  Outfit the party space with fine china and silver, and to fully embrace tea party tradition, The Spruce suggests a menu of both sweet and savory foods and brewing a proper pot of tea.  You can even add some fun and mystery to the event by reading tea leaves for each other!

The last thing you want is to use inferior tea for your special tea party.  When gathering tea and other supplies, consider shopping with Camellia Sinensis, where you can not only find top-notch tea and related products, they offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. 

Before the bride’s big day, take time to celebrate everything that was and everything that will be.  Think through your perfect party, whether it’s a getaway, spa day, or sipping a favorite beverage.  With a little bit of planning, everyone can have a wonderful time without overspending!


Abraham & Cynthia

Abraham & Cynthia

Well here we are after all this time with our very first Featured Couple and what better way to start it off than by showcasing Cynthia and Abraham’s very own Love Story.

(versión en español a continuación)

HOW DID HE PROPOSE: We were finishing lunch with both of our parents when the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, I was pretty stuffed to be honest, but Abraham insisted that we had one slice of pie, then my mom suspiciously took me to the restrooms, telling me how she needed help with her necklace or something while he was talking his way to the waiter, I come back, the bring the pie which had whipped cream on top, which i thought didn’t taste good, but everyone kept insisting for me to eat it, I was getting sick of it, my step father asked for a little bit so I gave him some, my mom told me to eat it with the strawberry, but I just did not want to! And so she told Abraham to feed me the whipped cream, I kept resisting until he made me laugh and got the spoon inside my mouth and that was when I realized that there was a ring. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


BRIDE, WHEN DID YOU KNOW HE WAS THE ONE? Well, I knew he was the one when I would think about the possibilities of the future and he was in every single one of them, when I would tell him about my dreams and hopes and the only thing he would do is look for a way to help me make them happen, when I would just dream, about waking up in the morning next to him, taking him to meet my family in Mexico and just, growing, together, because every little flaw that I saw in myself, he would see it as a pretty little thing that makes me perfect, for him.

GROOM: I knew because you liked me for who I was even if I had my flaws yet you saw past that and showed me what it truly means to care, trust and most of all, love someone deeply. You never asked me to change the person I was.

VENUE AND LOCATION: Gleaming Event Hall 2569 Peachtree Pkwy Unit 210 Cumming, GA 30041

WEDDING CEREMONY: It was a small ceremony in the middle of the venue, bride escorted for her mom and step father, groom waiting with tears in the eyes. WE did the sand ceremony using our favorite color, bride blue, groom green.

WEDDING PLANNER: J. Ladson Weddings

VENDORS: Gleaming Event Hall, Angel Eventos, Casa Nuova, Meringue Delight, Silhouette Productions, David’s Bridal, Men’s Warehouse

GROOM TO BRIDE: Thank you for always being there for me and for caring and loving me unconditionally, for motivating me and pushing me to be the best that I can be.

BRIDE TO GROOM: I just want to say that you make me look forward to going to sleep just cause it means that I will wake up next to you, you are everything that I could ever want and I know that you’ll never stop making me happy, te amo and always will.

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Bueno, aquí estamos después de todo este tiempo con nuestra primera pareja destacada y qué mejor manera de comenzar que mostrando la propia historia de amor de Cynthia y Abraham.

CÓMO PROPIO: Estábamos terminando la comida con nuestros padres cuando el mozo nos preguntó si queríamos postre, yo estaba bastante llena para ser honesta, pero Abraham insistió en que comiéramos un trozo de pastel, luego mi mamá me llevó con suspicacia a los baños, diciéndome cómo necesitaba ayuda con su collar o algo así mientras él se dirigía al camarero, vuelve con el trozo de pastel que tenía la crema batida encima, que no tenía buen sabor. Pero seguía insistiendo para comerlo, me estaba cansando! Mi padrastro me pidió un poco, así que le di un poco, mi mamá me dijo que me lo comiera con la fresa, ¡pero no quería! Y entonces ella le dijo a Abraham que me diera de comer la crema batida, seguí resistiéndome hasta que me hizo reír y me metio la cuchara en la boca y fue entonces cuando me di cuenta de que había un anillo. Se puse de rodillas y me pidió que me casara con él.

¿CUÁL ES LA FECHA DE BODA: 22 de Junio de 2018?

NOVIA, ¿CUÁNDO SABÍAS QUE EL ERA EL UNICO? Bueno, sabía que él era el unico que pensaba en las posibilidades del futuro y el estaba en cada uno de ellos, cuando le contaba mis sueños y esperanzas, y lo único que haría era buscar una manera de hacerlo para ayudarme a hacer que sucedieran. Cuando solo soñaba, sobre despertarme en la mañana junto a él, llevarlo a conocer a mi familia en México y simplemente, crecer juntos. Cada pequeña falla que vi en mí misma, el lo veia como una pequeña cosa bonita que me hace perfecto, para él.

NOVIO: Sabía porque te gustaba como era, incluso si tenía mis defectos, pero aún así lo habías visto y me mostrabas lo que realmente significa cuidar, confiar y, sobre todo, amar a alguien profundamente. Nunca me pediste que cambiara la persona que era.

LUGAR Y UBICACIÓN: Salón de eventos 2569 Peachtree Pkwy Unit 210 Cumming, GA 30041

CEREMONIA DE BODA: fue una pequeña ceremonia en el medio del lugar, la novia escoltada por su madre y su padrastro, el novio esperaba con lágrimas en los ojos. Hicimos la ceremonia de arena con nuestro color favorito, azul de novia y verde novio.

VENDEDORES: J. Ladson Weddings, Gleaming Event Hall, Angel Eventos, Casa Nuova, Merengue Delight, Silhouette Productions, David’s Bridal, Men’s Warehouse

DE LA NOVIA PARA EL NOVIO: solo quiero decir que no espero las ganas para irme a dormir porque eso significa que me despertaré a tu lado, eres todo lo que siempre podría desear y sé que nunca dejarás de hacerme feliz, te amo y siempre lo haré.

Estén atentos una vez al mes para nuestras parejas destacadas. Si usted es una pareja que eligió a J. Ladson Weddings para ser parte de su día especial y le gustaría que su boda aparezca en nuestro blog … Solo envíenos un correo electrónico


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