Call your amigos and let them know Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and it’s party time!! Not sure what to do or how to decorate? No worries Team JLW has your back. We listed a few helpful tips.


Décor: Brighten up the room with rich, warm colors such as, red, yellow, orange, and green. These colors are popular in Mexican clothing, art, rugs, crafts and jewelry and also work well for theme party décor.

  • Sombreros and maracas make perfect centerpieces for tables.
  • Decorate your entrance with Mexican signs, travel posters, and colorful banners, so when your guests arrive they feel the Mexican culture.
  • If you really want to surprise your guests, greet them in your best Mexican costume.

Food and Drinks: In order to stick with the Mexican theme, foods such as tamales, quesadillas, salsa, refried beans, and homemade corn chips, are great for parties and easy to make.

  • Have a section in your event area for a taco bar, so your guests can build their own. Decorate the food tables by placing colorful vegetables on white platters to add the finishing touch.
  • For deserts, have mini cupcakes in colorful margarita glasses and place them on a desert table.

Let’s not forget, this is a party and what’s a party without a bar.

  • Have a margarita bar and tequila sampling station and an attendant at each station to make sure no one is going overboard.
  • These stations can be decorated with margarita glasses and fruit to add in the drinks.
  • For the guests who are not heavy drinkers, have a Mexican wine sampling with a cheese and cracker display and have a display of Mexican sodas.
    • The colorful sodas can also double as part of your decor

Other Ideas:  

  • Allow your guest to dress up and host a costume contest for the most traditional and/or colorful Mexican outfit.
  • Have Mariachi music playing in the back ground or why not hire a live Mariachi band and have a dance contest to involve guests. This will really have your guest talking.

Remember this is for enjoyment and to celebrate Mexican heritage. Let’s go out and have fun!!!

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