Doris in Albany, Georgia wrote in:

My wedding venue has an onsite coordinator, why do we need to hire you?

The quickest and easiest way for me to explain this is that the “Onsite Coordinator’s main interest is the venue and “ME” as the Wedding Coordinator, my main interest is the couple.

ONSITE COORDINATOR: They handle all of the venue tours and make sure that the onsite team has all of the necessary details to execute your vision..  They ensure all vendors all adhering to the guidelines of the venue and often leave after the reception starts.

WEDDING COORDINATOR:  I’m on board from “Yes to the Honeymoon”. I get to know you and your fiance personally. I’ll be there with you at meetings, tastings, and fittings. I’m the point of contact for friends and family that are attending the wedding and my team and I will make sure everyone is welcome and comfortable.  I’ll also be onsite before the vendors arrive and I’m there until the last vendor leaves.

Xoxoxoxoxo Happy Planning,

Jade Ladson

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