My Story

I was born and raised in a small town of Niles, Michigan (about 10 miles from South Bend, Indiana).  I moved to another small town, New Albany, Indiana (5 miles outside of Louisville, Kentucky) around my 10 grade year in high school.   I have always dreamed of moving to a larger city and when I had the opportunity to move to Atlanta, Georgia when I turned 21, I jumped to the opportunity.  I attended Kennesaw State University in my later years and joined my beloved sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.  This is where I found my love for events and meetings.  Being on the Marketing Committee, I was in charge of all the events, meetings, and advisement of the sorority on campus and social media.  I found myself always getting a high when students, professors, and other Greeks would comment on how wonderful the event was and even asked me to assist them with their events/meetings.  I graduated in Fall 2009 with a Bachelors in Marketing and Minor in Management.   After graduating, I worked 3 – 4 jobs at once spanning from working as a collector, working part-time contract positions, etc.  Eventually, I got my start working in the hotel industry, where I’m currently the SMERF Sales Manager for the Glenn Hotel.  Even though I work in Sales, I am still shy at times.  A cute pair of jeans is always a must for me.  You can dress them up with a cute pair of heels or down with a cute pair of Jordan’s or flats.


What I bring to JLW

I bring to JLW superb customer service.  I make sure the wedding party and guests feels like they are VIP.  Having experience with working with weddings also allows me to handle stressful situations in a professional and friendly manner.  I’m a team player, so I jump in where ever I am need without any questions asked.


What makes me laugh: People who act silly and don’t care who’s watching them

3 words that describe my style: low maintenance, very cute, casual

I find inspiration in: When I hear people speak on how they accomplished their dreams.  All the challenges that they ran across and how they overcame all of it.

On my bucket list: One thing on my bucket list I would like to do would be to visit Africa (Johannesburg specially)

Something most people don’t know: I’m very analytical

Favorite drink: Root Beer and/or frozen Pina Colada




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