Social Butterfly. Giggle Twin.

My Story

I am from Jacksonville, Florida , but I moved to Georgia shortly after I was born. I am surrounded by a loving family including 2 brothers and loving parents. I am a honors student, and I have been since the third grade. While I maintain an A/B average, I cheer, dance and babysit. I’ve been dancing since the first grade and cheering since the third grade, yet I do not let that get In the way of what I need to at JLW.

What I bring to JLW:

With me being a cheerleader and dancer I need to be able to cooperate with other people, which is something I do very well. I am an outgoing person who does not back down when things get tough. I have many goals for myself and being successful at JLW is one. I’m very creative and an over achiever. I have a favorite quote that states ” The Woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone finds herself in places no one has been before ” by Albert Einstein. With these qualities I believe I can make a wonderful hostess at your wedding and make all of your guest feel as if they have known me forever.

What makes me laugh: Hearing my own laugh

3 Words That Describe My Style: Glam, Colorful , and Edgy

I Find Inspiration In: My mother

Favorite Drink: Mango Iced Tea

On My Bucket List: Make a difference in young girls life.

Something Most People Don’t Know: I love children

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