Planning a wedding can often be a bit stressful – what’s the color scheme? What types of flowers do we use? What dress to choose? But there is one thing that we all can’t get enough of; Cake Cake Cake Cake.

With the stress comes so much love, excitement, fun, and growth! Everything will have their favorite part of the process, but for me, I think choosing the cake is one of the best parts of the process. I mean who doesn’t want to taste a bunch of different cakes and instantly be sent into a massive food coma?

Just imagine sitting at your cake tasting, you finally found the perfect flavor and then all of a sudden, the chef brings out a bunch of different frostings. OMG so many choices, I didn’t even know all of these existed – what happened to chocolate and vanilla? I am here (with the help of our preferred pastry chef, CEO Custom Cakes & Novelties) to tell you all about the different types of frosting for the big day!

Royal Icing: You know those amazing flowers and that impressive scroll on different cakes? That’s royal frosting! It’s a very smooth, hard-drying icing that is perfect for making those amazing long-lasting decorations. It is also a great way to adhere decorations to the cake itself – acting almost like a glue! Royal frosting is edible, but it’s not recommended for frosting an entire cake.

Fondant Icing: Whenever I think of fondant, I think of a smooth dough. I mean, it kind of looks like a delicious pie crust when it’s rolled out, right? Anyway, there are two different kinds of fondant, poured and rolled. Poured fondant is more of a paste that is used as a frosting or filling on pastries – not entire cakes. Rolled fondant is what I think of when I hear the word “fondant” it’s a dough like texture and it is rolled out and placed over top of cakes for a nice super smooth look! Want to make fondant at home? It’s basically just sugar, shortening, water and maybe some gelatin.

Buttercream Icing: I feel like everyone’s go to is a delicious buttercream frosting! It is a smooth icing that can be used to frost entire cakes, to pipe boarders or write well wishes, and did I mention its delicious?! Now, on the topic of buttercream, our friends at CEO Custom Cakes and Novelties let me know there are more than one TYPE of buttercream. I’ll just talk about a few –  First we have the Italian Buttercream, which is made with Italian meringue. This allows the icing to be creamier, velvety and still absolutely delicious. It also stands out among the others because it is a lot lighter in color than traditional buttercream with its almost pure white appearance. The second would be Swiss Meringue buttercream. This is made with egg whites and sugar and then heating the mixture on a double boiler. This mixture will turn into a beautiful, glossy meringue. Note: all of these variations of buttercreams can be different flavors and colors!

Marzipan Icing: A lot of people compare marzipan icing and fondant icing and although they are similar, they are not the same! Most importantly if you have anyone attending your wedding with a nut allergy – stay away from Marzipan – It is made with Almonds! Like fondant, marzipan can be used to ice a cake, or create molded shapes and design elements. Typically, though, Marzipan will be used under a fondant to protect the cake from moisture. Because it is made with almonds, this icing will give your cake a slight almondy taste!

Now that you know all (well, some) the different types of wedding cake icing, happy tasting!

Make sure you join us next week for more insights on your favorite wedding topics! We know how much you love our Tuesday Tips and Fun Fact Friday so we will get down to the really nitty gritty and we’ll dig a little deeper and give you the full story behind these tips.


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