You know that feeling when you find the perfect dress, and then the bridal salon decides to “jack it up” with all the jewels you could imagine and a beautiful veil?

When it comes to your Wedding one of the most exciting moment leading up to the big day is finding your perfect dress, but one thing that is not often thought about is the veil. Ladies, I know we think about the veil, but do we really THINK about it? How often have you talked about the different veil styles with your girlfriends? Definitely not nearly as much as you talk about that A-line dress, or that Ballgown you want to try on! The veil is an intricate part of the wedding dress process, just like the jewels and the shoes! Read below as I examine a few different veil styles and the perfect dress options to accompany them!

I found so much amazzzzzing information on veils, more than I knew was even possible, with the help of Veils By Roxanne.

OK, first up is the Waltz Style. Do you have a dress that has an intricate bodice? Or maybe a dress that has your waist looking super snatched? Not super puffy and usually about knee length the waltz veil is an ideal option!

Next up is the Fly Away Veil. This veil is perfect for the vintage bride! This veil is short in length, only about to the shoulder. Some compare this style to the birdcage veil, but the fly away definitely creates more of a statement and gives much more volume around the bride’s face.

If you’re looking for a veil that falls just below the ankles to at the floor, the Chapel Length Veil is the right choice for you. This veil style gives more length to the bride’s overall look and is more straight them fluffy. Be careful with this veil style though as not all brides are the same height, and remember to have your shoes on when measuring!

My personal favorite of the veils is the Cathedral Style! There is just something so regal about the cathedral veil. This style will fall about 4-6 inches past where your dress ends. It’s transparency allows for the dress to shine through but while still giving extra length and often times creating a train for your big day.

In the words of my girl Lori from Bridals By Lori, always remember to “Jack It up!”

We know how much you love our Tuesday Tips and Fun Fact Friday so we’re just gonna get down to the really nitty gritty. Each week we’ll dig a little deeper and give you the full story behind these tips. Make sure you join us next week for more insights on your favorite wedding topics!


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