Are you and your boo ready to take on the venture of creating a gift registry? I am here to give you a few inside hacks on how to make the most out of what most think is an simple task!

How do you know where to go? How do you know what to include? How much is too much? If any of you saw our Tuesday Tip this week you know we’re answering all the questions about Gift Registries! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy going and registering for a bunch of stuff they need (and a few things they want). Whether you and your hubby to be are looking for new plates for the kitchen, new bedding, or new bathroom towels – your gift registry is the place to be! Keep reading for the inside scoop and a few gift registry hacks. Have a specific question? Leave me a comment, I promise to answer!

Try and keep your registry to less than 5 stores – it makes it much easier for your guests! According to Talamore Memorable Moments, the most popular places to register include:

Use these tips to make the registry process as painless as can be!

  • Schedule your initial appointment during the week: The store will be less crowded during the workweek, and your consultant can give you their undivided attention
  • Get personal: Let your consultant know who you really are, discuss your entertaining style, hobbies and décor preferences.
  • Attend an event: Attend wedding related events to meet other engaged couples and learn the latest trends.
  • Money is no issue: There’s nothing that you SHOULDN’T have on your registry.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day: When the fun ends, so should the event. Remember creating a registry should be fun and stress free, you can always come back later.


We know how much you love our Tuesday Tips and Fun Fact Friday so we’re just gonna get down to the really nitty gritty. Each week we’ll dig a little deeper and give you the full story behind these tips. Make sure you join us next week for more insights on your favorite wedding topics!

~ MM~

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