Hi, I’m Meghan! I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, born and raised my entire life. I went to college in Erie, Pennsylvania at a small Catholic school where I studied Sports Management, Marketing and Business Administration. After graduating and living in my parent’s basement for what seemed to be forever I was offered a job in New York City working in the media industry. I took a leap of faith and there I was – a little ol Midwest girl trying to conquer the Big Apple. After living in NYC for about 2 years I got a phone call and on the other end was a job offer in Atlanta. I’m currently living life to the fullest in Atlanta, working with multiple different ventures and loving every minute of it. I love finding new niches and allowing my creative mind work on overload. One word people use to describe me is outgoing (and at times, sarcastic). Although I can be shy when we first meet, you will soon find out that I am a talker! My style is super casual and flip flops are a staple but don’t doubt that I can put on some heels and a bright red lip and be the life of the party!

What I bring to JLW

What I bring to JLW are positive vibes and an OCD mind. My sales, marketing and PR experience will allow be excel and grow within JLW, and hopefully help Jade get through the days a bit easier! I hope that my life’s ventures and creativity will bring new and unique ideas to the JLW world. I have always had a passion for planning and weddings and I am more than ready to help all our brides achieve the wedding of their dreams! I find peace in stressful situations and hope to relay those vibes onto our brides.

What makes me laugh: The Internet is undefeated

3 words that describe my style: Straightforward, Wacky, Sarcastic

I find inspiration in: Immersing myself if topics I am passionate about

Favorite Drink: Angry Orchard Hard Cider “Less Sweet” or Water

On my bucket list: Visit the Maldives

Something most people don’t know: I’m extremely hard on myself

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