How do you decide what will get your guests pumped up and ready to dance the night away, while still staying on budget?

This past Tuesday we introduced some tips on how you can save on Entertainment during your big day. Here are a few pointers from

1. Ask a Friend or Family Member to Perform
You probably know at least one person who is musically inclined. Most would be honored to sing or play an instrument at your ceremony. The added bonus of having a truly personal performance at your ceremony will mean something to them, and you.

2. Don’t Have Live Music
If you really just do not have money in your budget for live music during your ceremony, there is a great alternative. Download some of your favorite songs to your MP3 player or burn them to a CD. I actually used a mixture of live music and recorded music at my ceremony to give it a more personalized feel.

3. Hire a Music Student
Contact your local community college or university, and talk with the music department. Many aspiring musicians will probably jump at the chance to perform publicly and get a little extra money. Since students are not professionals, you could offer to pay them half of what you would pay a professional. Not only would this benefit you, it would also benefit the student.

4. Get a Friend to DJ
If you know someone who has any musical interest and a wide variety of music in their personal library, ask if they would like to be the DJ at your wedding. Some people would jump at the opportunity to be the master of ceremonies (and have a very good reason to stay off the dance floor!). If your friend is willing to DJ for free, all you will need to do is rent the equipment if they don’t already have it.

5. Hire Someone New to the Business
If you do not feel comfortable hiring a non-professional to be in charge of your reception music, consider hiring someone new to the DJ business. The more well-established someone is in the profession, the more they will charge. Just make sure you are not the new DJ’s very first wedding, and get at least one recommendation.

6. Download Your Own Music
No one knows your taste in music better than you do (maybe with the exception of your future spouse). So why not provide your own music for your wedding? You can have any song or any style you desire. You can either have the music played straight from a playlist on your MP3 player, or designate someone to take requests and manage the music. All you will need to do is rent the proper equipment.

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We know how much you love our Tuesday Tips and Fun Fact Friday so we’re just gonna get down to the really nitty gritty. Each week we’ll dig a little deeper and give you the full story behind these tips. Make sure you join us next week for more insights on your favorite wedding topics!

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