We are all aware of the custom American wedding traditions – tossing the bouquet, something borrowed and something blue, exchanging of the rings and lighting a unity candle. But how many of you are aware of all the other amazing cultures and traditions that are happening around the world? That’s what this monthly blog is for – join us every month to dig into the spectacular wedding traditions of countries all around the world!

If you haven’t been able to tell from our Insta posts the past few weeks, this month we are digging deeper into the elaborate, custom-filled weddings of Armenia!

Armenia prides itself of being the first to formally adopt Christianity in the early 4th century so its no secret that their weddings traditionally revolve around God and the Church. If you are planning on heading to an Armenian wedding anytime soon, here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

1. The Khosk-Kap

It is respectable for the groom to ask the bride’s family for her hand in marriage before he proposes. This ‘asking of the hand’ is called a Khosk-Kap and entails a formal dinner organised by the families of both the bride and groom-to-be. It is usually held at the bride’s house and the families are expected to bring floral arrangements, chocolate and Armenian Cognac. Tea is served at the start, but no one should drink it until the bride’s family has agreed to the marriage. If agreed, both sides of the family then talk to one another and start to plan the wedding.

2. The Pillow Sharing

A popular Armenian saying that is used regularly is “May you grow old on one pillow.” This is a way to wish that the bride and groom will stay together forever and stitching this on a pillow as a wedding favour is extremely common in the Armenian culture.

3. The Red Dress

Traditionally, Armenian brides wore a red silk dress with a red and green cardboard crown. The crown is shaped like wings and covered with feathers which symbolises a dove. Doves are an important part of an Armenian wedding, with these birds released during the reception to show love and fortune throughout the newlywed’s married years. The colour palette of red and green is a symbol of life and sacrifice to your groom, making it the perfect palette for the bride-to-be.

4. The Brother Pays Up

While the bride is getting ready, her brother will sneakily place money inside her shoes as a sign of good luck. Another Armenian pre-wedding tradition is that the bride should write the names of her bridesmaids on the sole of her shoes and cross the names off as each bridesmaid gets married.

5. Coin Toss

As the bride and groom walk back up the aisle after the ceremony, guests throw coins at the couple as a symbol of wealth and success.

6. The Armenian Bride’s Emergency Kit

Before the bride starts getting ready on the big day, the best man sings and dances his way to the bride’s house with a sinis – a traditional Armenian gift-wrapped basket filled with goodies for the wedding day including perfume, flowers, chocolate, brandy and shoes.

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