We are all aware of the custom American wedding traditions – tossing the bouquet, something borrowed and something blue, exchanging of the rings and lighting a unity candle. But how many of you are aware of all the other amazing cultures and traditions that are happening around the world? That’s what this monthly blog is for – join us every month to dig into the spectacular wedding traditions of countries all around the world!

If you checked out our Insta yesterday you would have seen a clue for where were traveling to this month & if you guessed Australia, you are CORRECT!

I recently had a Facebook friend of mine head to Australia on a trip, she posted so many pics and I just couldn’t get enough of the amazing landscape and scenery. Seriously it was so beautiful – if I wasn’t so deathly afraid of sharks and killer spiders, I would totally travel there ASAP. Unfortunately due to my fears, I don’t foresee myself traveling to that beautiful country any time soon BUT as I was trying to figure out which country to write about this month – DING DING DING, it only made sense that I research a bit more into the culture and traditions of that great country down under.

Honestly from what I learned, weddings in Australia are very similar to the weddings we tend of celebrate in America. Most of the traditional western world customs are present in Australia’s weddings. Exchanging of vows, exchanging of the rings, the weddings cake and an elaborate celebration with friends and family. There are, however, a few special customs that Aussie’s celebrate!

Smoking Ceremony

Indigenous Australians believe that smoke has cleansing and healing properties, and can ward off evil spirits. Plants are burned in a fire, or a smudge stick is used, and the fragrant smoke is fanned over the couple.

Stone Ceremony

This Australian wedding tradition came about when the early settlers could not afford wedding rings. The bride and groom would each cast a stone into the river, which would represent them staying together forever as life ebbed and flowed around them.

Acknowledging the Land

The tradition of acknowledging who the land belonged to and those who came before you is thought to bring you good luck and allow you to start your marriage on a positive note.

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Stay tuned once a month for our Weddings of the World blog. Where we will take a deeper look into the cultures and wedding traditions of countries around the world!


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