Most of us know, if we want to get married in the United States, the ceremony must be performed by some sort of officiant. Whether you and your honey want to elope, have a traditional wedding or head on down to the court house. That is not the case for this month’s Weddings of The World country! In this country, a religious officiant cannot legally marry two people. The ceremony must be performed by the Justice of the Peace, called a Standesbeamte, and is performed prior to the actual ceremony.

If you haven’t been able to tell from our Insta posts the past few weeks, this month we are digging deeper into the elaborate, custom-filled weddings of Germany!

It is said that the Germans starts preparing for a wedding long before the couple is engaged. There is a very old tradition that when a baby girl is born, the family will plant several trees in her honor. Once the daughter becomes engaged the family cuts down the trees to pay for her dowry. During the couples wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will then saw the tree trunk in half to illustrate their strength and their ability to work together. Sawing tree trunks in your wedding dress? Oh no!


Germany has more wedding traditions than I can count, so I took it upon myself to choose some of my personal favorite for you all!

  • No mailed invites- Tradition is, wedding invitations are not sent in the mail, but in fact hand delivered by the Bavarian Hochzeitslader. He is typically in fancy clothing and decorated with flowers and ribbons as he goes door to door to every guest’s home.
  • The wedding party is very short; there are no bridesmaids, groomsman or flower girls.
  • Before a woman is engaged she will begin to start collecting pennies in hopes to one day use it to pay for her wedding day shoes to insure that the wedding “gets off on the right foot!”
  • Rice toss- When the couple leaves the wedding reception the guests will throw rice; it is said that for every grain of rice stuck in the brides hair is the number of children the couple will have! YIKES! That’s a lot of kids!!
  • During the engagement season, the couple will both wear engagement rings on the left ring finger. After the wedding ceremony they switch the rings over to the right hand.
  • On the eve of the wedding friends and family will gather around for dinner and at the end of the meal each guest will smash their plates to scare of evil spirits. Only china plates are to be used. If anything else it will bring bad luck! –The couple cleans up the mess to show how well they can work together!

Who’s ready to go to a German wedding with me?!

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