Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

Winter wedding season is here, which means it’s time for glistening color palettes, gleaming fireplaces, and twinkling lights. Your winter wedding celebration can be full of holiday cheer, snowy landscapes, or moody winter hues. 

This is also the year’s slowest wedding season, which means you’ll have less competition for your wedding and event planner, wedding venue, food vendors, and more. 

The winter season is also full of warm and decadent flavors. Take advantage of the season’s warm spices on your wedding cake and at your dessert table. Consider adding in an interactive food station such as an apple cider station or hot cocoa bar. 

Here are some of our favorite winter wedding cake flavors: 

  • Vanilla bean blood orange cake: Blood oranges are winter’s favorite citrus treat. Decorate a traditional vanilla bean cake with aromatic candied blood oranges for a taste guests can’t get any other season. 


  • Blackberry yogurt cake: If you are going for a moody winter color palette, consider adding in dazzling purple hues to your wedding cake with fresh blackberries. Consider a yogurt cake base as a healthier alternative to traditional cake. 


  • Red velvet cake with coconut frosting: If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas wedding, play up the festive theme with a red velvet cake that is covered in snow. Achieve this holiday look with a delicious coconut cream frosting and winter plant garnishes such as fir or pinecones. 


  • Apple cake with apple cider frosting: You can never have too much apple spice during winter and fall. Serve an apple cake that is drizzled in apple cider frosting and caramel sauce. 


  • White chocolate raspberry cake: If you and your partner love white chocolate, this is the perfect decadent dessert for your winter wedding. The cake is decorated with swirls of white chocolate and ruby red frosting, making a stunning display with a delicious center. 


Check out Zola for more delectable winter cake recipes


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