If you checked out our Insta last week you would have seen a clue for where were traveling to this month & if you guessed Italy, you are CORRECT!

Viva l’Italia! Italy has a ton of fun traditions that couples could easily implement into their wedding days for a memorable and unique.  We selected 4 of our absolute faves. Take a look and let us know your thoughts.


“La Tarantella”

This dance is a way that the guest wish the newlyweds good luck on their new lives together. The guest dance to a lively, upbeat tempo song and hold hands and rotate in a clockwise direction until the music speeds up and then they reverse directions. These tempo changes occur several times and each time the tempo speeds up the group changes direction again. This continues until it is impossible to keep up with the tempo of the music.

“Taglio Della Cravatta”

After the ceremony, the Groom cuts his tie to give to his groomsman befo, who offer it to the guest as an exchange for money! The money is collected and given to the couple to ensure an adventurous honeymoon and to help out with the wedding expenses


These favors are often packaged in a small container, wrapped with ribbons and filled  with confetti and 5 sugar coated almonds that symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and a long life.  Since these little tokens are a form of gratitude they are not placed in the table like traditional wedding favors. Nope, there get their very own fancy little table and the newlyweds pass these out as each guest leaves.


“Per cent’anni”

Before the guest eat, a sweet red wine is served and the best man toasts to “Per cent’anni”,  This traditional toast for the couple wishes them happiness and good luck for 100 years!  As the evening goes on and the drinks get stronger various guests may also salute the happy couple with Per cent-anni,” alluding to the many years ahead of them as man and wife.


Stay tuned once a month for our Weddings of the World blog. Where we will take a deeper look into the cultures and wedding traditions of countries around the world!


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